Protecting Your Floors in the Winter

Now that winter’s here, your floors will be going through some tough things. Making an investment in floor mats like the Aquatread and Scraper II could be the best decision you make thus far. 

Ice-melting salts, snow and water can damage your building’s carpet and floors; costing money to clean, extract water strip tile, hardwood or vinyl floors. 

When the Aquatread and Scraper II mats are used together, they will be most effective. The Scraper II mat, if placed outdoors, will get all the loose debris off your feet. While the Aquatread mat on the indoors, get off the rest of the debris, making your floors stay cleaner. Depending on the wear and tear of your mats, these should last about 5 years. Once they start showing obvious signs of wear and tear, you should replace them.