Why you should use a chair mat

Investing in a chair mat is a simple way to protect your flooring from wear and tear while also providing many other benefits. Using a chair mat can extend the life of your floor by spreading the pressure caused by the weight and movement of a chair. It also protects the floor from scuffs, spills, indentations, and any other marks. In fact, most flooring manufacturers will void their warranty if a chair is used without a mat. It is also important to keep in mind how unsightly a worn out carpet looks – especially in a bare room.

The use of a chair mat also makes it significantly easier to move around your workplace. Easier rolling reduces the strain placed on your back and legs, reducing fatigue.

Mat depot offers a wide selection of chair mats that will suit any type of flooring. Our soft floor chair mats have molded cleats/studs that are easy on carpet and hold the mat securely in place. Our hard floor mats will protect any hard surface from damaging casters. If you are looking to customize your workplace, our designer chair mats are the perfect way to add some visual appeal to an otherwise dull office space.

Whatever your needs may be, Mat Depot has a chair mat that will satisfy them all. Check out our selections here:


Why You Should Use a Desk Pad

A desk pad isn’t really the first thing you think about needing as far as office supplies, but it is handy. Desk pads protect your desk from stains (from those huge cups of coffee we all need) and scratches. They also prevent writing fatigue and provide a smooth writing surface for those used desks.

Mat Depot provides designer desk pads in 11 stylish designs as well as clear desk pads which protect photographs, notes, cards, lists, calendars, etc. in our Chair Mat section at http://www.matdepot.com.

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