Whether it’s for your car floors or home floors, investing in new mats is a great way to protect your floor from any damages that may occur from what this season has to bring. Now that the weather is warmer, you or a loved one may track in dirt, water, and mud onto your floors which can cause a lot of damage if not properly protected. 

For home use, the Scrapper II is a great mat to keep outside your door to remove heavy dirt and mud from shoes before entering your home. Not only will this mat help keep your home dirt and mud free but it is also simple to clean! All you have to do is just hose it off and it will look good as new. If you’re looking for that extra protection, the Aquatread mat is a great mat to keep inside your home to get rid of the extra debris. Used with the Scrapper II, these mats will be most effective.

For car use, the Rubbertite and Protector Mat are two great mats the can really help protect your car floor from dirt and mud. 



RVA Mats

RVAThree letters were turned into a phenomenon in 2011 when the infamous RVA stickers were created by Venture Richmond. Today, you can find those stickers on everything from laptops and bikes to cars and signs.
Mat Depot, a floor mat manufacturer on Main St., has turned the RVA sticker into a 24” x 35” floor mat for you to express your city pride from the first footstep through your door. Made of a durable nylon pile and a heavy-duty rubber backing, this mat is machine washable and long lasting. We have partnered with Quickness RVA to deliver all RVA mats purchased within the Richmond City area at no cost.
Aside from showing your RVA pride, 100% of the profits through Mat Depot will also be donated to Peas Rock, a non-profit organization in Richmond that provides microloans and education to Richmond entrepreneurs that have exhausted other, more traditional forms of help. This gives them the opportunity to achieve their goals, which in turn, benefits the whole community. After the loan is paid back, the money is given to another entrepreneur of Richmond.
These mats can be found for $59.95 on http://www.matdepot.com under the Private Label/Charitable mat section and soon to be RVAcreates.com as well as peasrock.com.

Winterize Your Car

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 1.03.35 PMThe effects of cold winters are damaging to your car floor. Snow gets tracked inside, melting and turning it into water making your floor carpet wet, soggy and smelly. Salt used to melt ice is very damaging and because it is made of chemicals, it can erode through your car’s original carpet floor. Replacing your car’s carpet is time-consuming and can costs hundreds of dollars. While purchasing a deep cleaner starts at $100, doing the job yourself is also time-consuming. The best things you can do is stop the damage before it happens by investing in good all-weather car mats.

Heavy duty car mats such as RubberTite custom-fit weather mats are a solution to your winter car floor problems. Because the mats are made of rubber material, they are almost indestructible, so it’s nearly impossible to puncture and ice-melting salt will not affect it. They’re available for cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s and even trunk and cargo areas. Unlike most rubber car floor mats, the RubberTite mats will stay flexible even in sub-freezing temperatures and they won’t expand or contract with the weather.

Each mat is custom-fit to your car floors and has smooth little “cups” designed to trap in water, mud, snow, sand, etc. Rubber nib backing helps keep your mat in place and the texture provides a non-slippery surface. To clean, simply spray off with a hose and use a soft-bristle brush and a non-caustic chemical for those tougher spots. The RubberTite weather mats are available in 7 colors, including clear. These mats have a 5 year warranty and have the potential to last as long as your vehicle will.

Car mats are a small price to pay for saving your car’s interior. More information on RubberTite custom-fit weather mats along with a variety of other car floor mats can be found at http://matdepot.com/carmats.cfm

Protecting Your Floors in the Winter

Now that winter’s here, your floors will be going through some tough things. Making an investment in floor mats like the Aquatread and Scraper II could be the best decision you make thus far. 

Ice-melting salts, snow and water can damage your building’s carpet and floors; costing money to clean, extract water strip tile, hardwood or vinyl floors. 

When the Aquatread and Scraper II mats are used together, they will be most effective. The Scraper II mat, if placed outdoors, will get all the loose debris off your feet. While the Aquatread mat on the indoors, get off the rest of the debris, making your floors stay cleaner. Depending on the wear and tear of your mats, these should last about 5 years. Once they start showing obvious signs of wear and tear, you should replace them.