Anti-fatigue mats – Are they worth it?

When working a job that requires standing for prolonged periods of time, an anti-fatigue mat can be indispensable. They are specifically designed to lessen fatigue caused by standing on a hard surface for large amounts of time. They can be made of rubber or vinyl and are constructed to absorb shock from standing and walking. This will significantly decrease pain in feet, legs, and back.anti fatigue   However, these mats do not completely eliminate fatigue. Other factors come into play as well such as footwear, flooring, and the nature of the job. Plus, standing for an entire workday is a daunting task in itself. Workers should select shoes that contain thick insulating soles and shock-absorbing insoles.  A far as flooring goes, standing on a cement surface is obviously much more straining than standing on carpet, but non-porous surfaces are preferred in many industries. In this case, it is in the workers’ best interest to provide them with an anti-fatigue mat. It has been scientifically proven that anti-fatigue mats can help prevent health issues caused by consistently standing for long periods of time.

Anti-fatigue mats also provide many safety benefits. They create traction that can help prevent slips and falls. They also help avoid breakage. Glass and other fragile materials will break if dropped on hard flooring, but these mats will absorb the shock. This will eliminate all profit loss caused by spillage or broken parts.

Finally, it should not be ignored how much anti-fatigue mats can increase productivity. Comfortable workers are productive workers!

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