Whether it’s for your car floors or home floors, investing in new mats is a great way to protect your floor from any damages that may occur from what this season has to bring. Now that the weather is warmer, you or a loved one may track in dirt, water, and mud onto your floors which can cause a lot of damage if not properly protected. 

For home use, the Scrapper II is a great mat to keep outside your door to remove heavy dirt and mud from shoes before entering your home. Not only will this mat help keep your home dirt and mud free but it is also simple to clean! All you have to do is just hose it off and it will look good as new. If you’re looking for that extra protection, the Aquatread mat is a great mat to keep inside your home to get rid of the extra debris. Used with the Scrapper II, these mats will be most effective.

For car use, the Rubbertite and Protector Mat are two great mats the can really help protect your car floor from dirt and mud.