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Wondering what kind of car mat best suits your needs? Take a look at ours… 



The look you will like right out of the box. Perfect fit, outstanding quality, durability for your car, truck, SUV, or Mini Van. The Ultimat line of custom fit carpet mats provides everything you want and need from a carpet floor mat.




Berber carpet is named after the tribe in North Africa that originated the design. The original Berber carpet was made with complemntary colored, flecked yarns in a large nubby, loop texture. Lloyd Mats is pleased to introduce its TruBerber Mats that replicate the spirit of the original Berber design. 




Simply The Best! You will not find a more luxurious, custom fit carpet floor mat. Car, SUV, Truck, or Mini Van, Heavyweight mats by Lloyd are sheer luxury in whatever you drive. 




RubberTite custom fit all weather mats are like no other protection available for your car, truck, Van, or SUV. This new material from Lloyd Mats provides the capacity to hold water, mud, snow, spills, sand, dirt and other debris, without the bulky side walls of other trays and liners. 


Classic Loop


Classic Loop™ by Lloyd Mats is a new economically priced, custom fit floor mat, that doesn’t sacrificing quality or durability. Starting at $59.90 for two front mats, Classic Loop is a stain soil and fade resistant carpet of tightly woven polypropylene yarn. 




If you are looking to protect the floor of your vehicle without the heavy duty look of rubber floor mats, Protector Mat from Lloyd Mats is the answer. These clear vinyl floor mats are durable enough to take any abuse yet still let the beauty of your vehicle interior color show through. 


Protector Mat


If you are looking to protect the floor of your vehicle without the heavy duty look of rubber floor mats, Protector Mat from Lloyd Mats is the answer. These clear vinyl floor mats are durable enough to take any abuse yet still let the beauty of your vehicle interior color show through. 


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Why Should You Use a Yoga Mat?

Yoga mats are the most useful product a yoga participant can have. But why?

Here are 3 quick reasons…

  1. Comfort – If you’d rather stretch, lay or sit on a wooden or concrete floor, be our guests. These mats make it easier to stretch and adjust into poses.
  2. Safety – Because yoga mats are made from non-slip materials, you won’t slip and slide across the floor causing an injury to you or someone else.
  3. Space – Your mat establishes your personal space to all the other yoga participants.

Check out for yoga mats.

How Anti-Fatigue Mats Can Help You


Anti-fatigue mats are well worth your money. They improve your ergonomics and they make you feel better. Believe it or not, standing still is actually harder on your body than anything else. We were simply designed to move.

So, how exactly can anti-fatigue mats help you?…

  1. They reduce worker fatigue and increases safety
  2. Enhance employee productivity
  3. Lower back pain relief & eases leg stress
  4. Reduce slips & skids
  5. Reduce odors by inhibiting the growth of germs & bacteria
  6. Grease, oil & chemical resistant

Check out our selection of wet and dry anti-fatigue mats at

Risk Management – Wet Umbrella Bags


For the most part, entrance mats get rid of most of the debris and water dragged in by tenants, customers, employees, etc. However, when you bring a wet umbrella into the building, water can drip everywhere. Investing in a wet umbrella bag stand can prevent injuries which can lead to legal trouble.

Simply set up the stand with the disposable complimentary umbrella bags and tenants, customers, employees, etc. can slip their umbrella in it to prevent any water from getting on the floor.

These stands and bags are priced from $50 and up from various suppliers & even come recyclable. Consider it an investment that reduces risks.

Why Use a Garage Floor Mat?


Who doesn’t want their home to be kept in great shape? Don’t leave your garage out in this. Protect it with a garage floor mat. Why? Here’s a few reasons… 

  1. Channels liquids & debris out of the garage
  2. Helps prevent concrete deterioration
  3. Slip-resistance
  4. Prevents soil & water contamination
  5. Insulates & quiets garage

Check out our parking pad & heavy duty garage floor cover at in the Home, Garage & Patio section.

Why You Should Use a Desk Pad

A desk pad isn’t really the first thing you think about needing as far as office supplies, but it is handy. Desk pads protect your desk from stains (from those huge cups of coffee we all need) and scratches. They also prevent writing fatigue and provide a smooth writing surface for those used desks.

Mat Depot provides designer desk pads in 11 stylish designs as well as clear desk pads which protect photographs, notes, cards, lists, calendars, etc. in our Chair Mat section at

When Should You Replace Your Yoga Mat?

ImageThere comes a time when we have to part with our old yoga mats. So, how do you know exactly when to throw it out (or reuse it)?

1. Look for little holes that have formed from regular wear & tear. Once this happens, the mat will shed and you will not get proper cushion.

2. Smell it (awkward) and if it doesn’t smell too great, that’s the perfect reason to throw it out.

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like wasting things, you can always wash & reuse your old yoga mat! Check out this post on 50 ways to reuse your mat –>

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Welcome! A little about us…

ImageMat Depot is a manufacturer & distributor of industrial, commercial and automotive matting. We have been selling our products online since July of 2000. In addition, the staff at Mat Depot has 30 years of experience in the industry. No matter how large or small you order is, we will take the time to ensure that you select the proper floor mats, logo mats or car mats for your needs.